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In a fast moving world how do you improve employee performance?

Above & Beyond

Corporate Workshop Series

Best-Selling Author 
+20 years experience 
Former athlete of the Brazilian National team

*We create transformational workshops for employees.

*Workshops that have the power to create positivity and lasting wellbeing.

*Results that will increase productivity.

Above & Beyond have 3 Pillars


My 20 years of studying and teaching about the mind-body relationship has taught me that physical and emotional health are inseparable. In my “Above & Beyond” workshop I reveal the main concepts for ordinary people to gain superior health, even when compared to high-level athletes. 


Over the years I have had untold Clients that have accepted feeling exhausted; or without energy at the end of the day, as being the norm. It is not and should not be the norm. I will impart knowledge of the right technique for sustaining high energy, that will result in a new way of life; with more energy, happiness, and productivity. 


Health and energy are inextricably linked, and they also have a direct relationship to your Productivity. In my workshop I illustrate how combining these with a productive mindset and the right techniques results in your personal and professional goals being achieved and exceeded. 

The Above & Beyond Workshops deliver tangible results

# Improve Performance

  • Everyone has an athlete inside. Harnessing it will result in greater productivity, time management, personal and professional performance.

  • # Improve Motivation

  • Bringing more clarity to personal and professional goals with the potential to generate progress through practical changes.

  • #Improve Inspiration for solving problems

  • Inspiring someone is not enough – you need to inspire in a way that they can transform their life. The catalyst for this transformation is through storytelling.

  • # Improve self-care

  • Proposals for a new way of relating to food, your body, and emotions, and exploring other elements that raise or lower your energy.

  • #Enhance connections

  • Dynamics to increase the sense of gratitude, connection and presence. Strengthening the feeling of personal well-being and the vested interests between employees and the company.

  • “Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.”

                             Tony Robbins

    The Above & Beyond workshops are tailored to reflect the needs of each organisation.

    The Above & Beyond workshops operate with a proven framework that adapts to reflect the needs of each organisation. In a short call with your team I will capture the culture imperatives and challenges to use this to tailor-made the workshops for maximum results.

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  • My clients say

    Mariana intuitively knows where work is required in my body and; as a result, can achieve the most effective results. It can be tough, but she knows my limits and is always adjusting my training accordingly. 

    Craig Bryson

    A huge thank you Mariana!!! I have started an amazing journey with you and it’s going to continue for the rest of my life. I am determined that this year is MY year. I’m going to stop making excuses and start making changes. Mari – you are the catalyst for this change. 

    Natasha Thomas Mckenzie

    Mariana is my companion on the journey to a healthy and happy life. Always cheerful, empathetic and knowledgable, she has a unique way of enabling me to be the best I can be. It’s her gift. I call it, Mariana’s Magic.’

    Tony Craddock

    The Above & Beyond workshop harnesses a unique methodology

    A proven formula 

    It starts with Empathy. Understanding people’s needs are essential in developing them. My RESET™ methodology is flexible, allowing me to adapt the workshops to ensure desired outcomes. The focus is on enthusing and getting results through engaging, interactive activities. 

  • Theory and practical tools

    People no longer have time for theories without application.

    My focus is to impart practical tools that participants can apply immediately after the workshop and develop in their daily lives.

    Above & Beyond 

    Series Workshop

    About Mariana

    I am a best-selling author, speaker, fitness expert and health coach. 

    At the age of fifteen I became a model and my life changed. I spiralled into a vicious cycle of radical diets, which lead to the eating disorder Anorexia. As my health deteriorated, I received medications that resulted in me gaining eighteen kilograms in five months! 

    I decided to save my own life. 

    I rediscovered exercise and attained a place in the Brazilian rowing team. Despite being a high-performance athlete, my relationship with food remained unhealthy. 

    It wasn't until I developed fibromyalgia that I faced the problem head-on. I could no longer rely on exercise to cover up my eating problem. I took a journey of self-discovery and achieved complete healing from Fibromyalgia. 

    Today, I maintain a healthy relationship with food. 

    In the process of personal development, I created a transformative physical and mental conditioning program known as RESET™ and have through this methodology changed the lives of thousands of people around the world. 

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    Applied knowledge

    I apply everything I teach in my own life.  

    After a long journey as a professional athlete, teacher, therapist, best-selling author, and Health and Fitness Expert, today my main objective is to pass on the theoretical and practical knowledge I’ve accumulated during the last 20 years in an efficient and expeditious way. This is my RESET™ methodology.  

  • Mariana Cadore, BSS, BSc(Hons), HHCP

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