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Are you fed up with the way you look? Have you lost hope that you can't get your figure back or create that ideal body? Have you tried a multitude of diets but they have all failed you — or worse — you feel you have failed yourself? From the physical reactions of having difficulty coping with your daily activities to the emotional self-doubt that you'll ever be able to keep the weight off, the pursuit of trying but failing takes a toll on you. The bigger picture is, you realize you just don't feel good about yourself.

It stops NOW! In F* THE DIET, you will finally be able to look in the mirror and see your ideal self. Throughout the pages, you will get to the core of why you couldn't lose those extra kilos in the past and discover the secret to keeping them off once and for all. Be amazed with how easy it is to feel great, look amazing and move better. After applying the philosophy and taking action through unbelievably easy steps, you will achieve your long-lasting dream of losing weight. In the process, you will regain self-esteem, energy and self-love. It's time to get off the roller coaster of dieting, try something new and be happy doing it!


You can finally break the cycle of weight gain and the guilt that follows. You will gain the mindset, motivation and proven steps to losing those unnecessary kilos so you can start looking good and feeling good. You will also learn strategies that show you how you can eat everyday food and lose weight fast!

This is a powerful philosophy and framework for not only getting rid of unwanted excess weight but keeping it off permanently!


Lose the weight, gain the body and bring back the energy and joy to your life!

  • Uncover the key ingredient to having success—not just with your weight, but in all areas of your life.

  • How you can lose weight even if you don’t feel you have willpower.

  • Strategies to implement pain-free and enjoyable exercises.

  • Techniques to create new habits and behavior change under 1-minute per day.

  •  How to speed up your "metabolism" so you can lose weight faster.

  • Tips to help you love exercise even if you hate exercising.

  • Discover why people get a plateau in weight loss and how to unlock it.

  • Learn sustainable tactics for healthy living.

  • How you can stop craving for sugar.

  • How you can stop binging and gain control over your life.

  • For inquiries on partnership or to order a copy of F* THE DIET, email [email protected] today!